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PVS Kindergarten Promotion Parade is WEDNESDAY, MAY 24 at 9:30am!

Kinders will arrive with parents and start on E Valley Rd, drive around the block down Industrial Way then turn into the K-5 Campus of PVS on Lorna. Cars will continue through the car line, cross the street to the Middle School side, down the driveway, stopping outside the Gym to collect their Kindergarten Promotion certificate, take a photo and then head back up the driveway and exit on Lorna.

Due to increased kindergarten enrollment and limited gym capacity allowed by the fire marshal we are not able to have a kinder promotion ceremony on campus due to fire code. We would have to exclude family members and limit students to one guest, the parade was the best way to include as many as possible. Although this is not ideal for everyone, we are trying to make lemonade out of lemons. Please limit 2 vehicles per graduate for the parade. All associated vehicles should enter the parade line together, and arrive at the same time.

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