Cheryl Martin – Homeroom

I am so proud of all of the students and families working hard on the activities.  We are in the last 2 weeks of school.  Stay diligent, curious, and safe.  You are all Rock Stars!! Week 8 Activity Plan EK Week 8 10 frames-subitizing Week 8 Letter Naming Fluency Week 8 nonsense words Week 8[…]

Tina Carlund

Hi 3rd graders!  So many kids working hard to learn every day- I’m very proud of you! 🙂 Keep up the same jobs with ReadTheory and Lexia– we have 8 kids who have grown from 2 to 4 levels!!! Rockstars!!  Practice math using Moby Max or Happy Numbers for 45 min. a day.  I have also added assignments for you all[…]

Allison Ender – Homeroom

Week 7 May 4 – Star War Day – special activities posted on Clever and Google Classroom May 8 – No School Flat Mrs. Ender activity, book, video Lexia:  30 minutes a day ELA: The Hope Chest, chapter 18 (the last chapter) Math:  Module 4, lessons 10 – 14

Chrissy Pare – Homeroom

Paré Weekly Lesson Plan Remote Learning May 4 –May 8, 2020 Learning Monday 5-4 Tuesday 5-5 Wednesday 5-6 Thursday 5-7 Friday 5-8 Teacher Instruction *Teaching introducing the Spelling Words *Teaching on commas in a series. *Teaching on root words and endings. *Teaching on spelling tree for /oe/. *Teaching on punctuation practice. A+ 1 -1 ½[…]

Karrie Pilny – Homeroom

Lumberjacks, keep on learning!  The end of school is almost here and you can do it.  The more you learn now, the easier second grade will be next year. Hope to see you soon!  Mrs. Pilny G1 U7 L6 Weekly Lesson Plan Remote May 4-8 2020 Writing Prompts May 4-8 2020