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Update for Friday 1/12/2024

Due to below freezing temps forecasted for the early morning hours and ice/snow that has yet to be cleared in outlier areas of PV, Prescott and Chino where our buses, families, and staff must travel to/from to safely arrive on campus, PVCS will be on a 2-hour delay Friday, January 12, 2024.

All schedules will run exactly 2 hours later than normal. A 6:35 am bus pick up time will become an 8:35am pickup time. School will start at 10:30 and arrival/drop off will begin at 10am. There will be no before care and no breakfast service, and lunch will be served indoors.

Hopefully, this decision will allow all our students and staff to arrive safely to school when it’s no longer dark outside! The weather forecast today was clearly incorrect and we thank you all for your patience.

Remember that PVCS will excuse all tardies, absences and early departures related to weather as we know everyone has a different commute, varied driving experiences, and sometimes it’s just not worth the risk! Be safe out there! We will be here, when you get here!

For information about school closures please click on the applicable document below:

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