June 23, 2016


Dear Parents and Community Stakeholders,

Over the last 3 years PVS has been working diligently to improve in many areas. Our recent growth and academic gains as a school are attributed to the tremendous support of our parents and community. We thank you for your support, because without you none of this would be possible!

Here are just a few of our recent accomplishments as well as what is in progress for the fall of 2017:

  • Deployment of 60 additional student Chromebooks in the fall of 2017 to further enhance technology use and availability in the classroom
  • Expansion of our K-4 campus to accept new enrollment for the fall of 2018 by adding 5 new classrooms
  • Expansion of the middle school program, which will be relocated to the high school campus in fall of 2018, to add 4 more classrooms
  • In the process of securing bond financing to further remodel our school campus
  • Expansion of our transportation services through the addition of a second route and a second bus to accommodate our families in areas we currently do not reach
  • Our students and faculty are diligently working toward exceeding state standards on the AZ Merit with 16% growth in proficiency over last year

In addition to what is to come, I have to say that the PVS faculty is the most committed and dedicated group of educators I have ever worked with. Our team always defers to, “What is best for kids?”. No matter the challenge, our faculty and staff has the focus and determination to overcome all odds.

Most of all, I need to congratulate the PVS students. The students have taken on the challenge of demonstrating that regardless of ethnicity or socioeconomic background ALL students can achieve academic success! The PVS mantra of rigor, relevance and excellence is embedded in our daily operations, which is evident through our focus on preparing our youth for life after graduation and beyond.

What’s Next?

PVS does not stop there! More changes and improvements are on the horizon. Our faculty continue to work diligently to increase the rigor of our instructional program to assist ALL students in realizing their learning goals and aspirations. Current initiatives are as follows:

  • Developing a new junior high program with highly qualified and state certified teachers in all core subjects to include daily direct instruction in math, language arts, lab science, social studies and various electives, such as physical education, music, technology, typing and much more.
  • Deployment of interactive TVs to enhance the technology available to teachers and students for enhanced instructional experiences
  • Adding a science lab for hands on science in middle school
  • Adding a certified reading specialist to assist our struggling learners, and
  • STILL maintaining small class sizes to maximize intervention and personalized attention for all learners

PVS appreciates your continued support. If at any time you have questions or comments please email me at mfuller@pvschool.com or call 928-772-8744. Our Dean of Students, Mrs. Phares, can also be reached at hphares@pvschool.com


In your service,

Monika Fuller
Prescott Valley School


Mission Statement

To provide a safe, positive environment for all students with a strong focus on academic success, student leadership, parental involvement, and community partnership.



Prescott Valley School is a FREE public charter school that has been providing excellence in education, through small class sizes, and individualized attention in grades kindergarten through 8 since 2002. PVS has been granted international accreditation through AdvancED in grades K-8. Prescott Valley School provides all kindergarten students with a FREE full day program of instruction and we welcome four (4) year olds that turn five (5) by December 31. The school also offers an after school enrichment program for enrolled students in grades K-8 until 5:30pm daily. We employ only state certified and highly qualified teachers for our program who work tirelessly to meet the diverse needs of all our students


Competitive Sports Program

Sports and extra-curricular activities include: Basketball, Volleyball, Soccer, and Archery.


Our Curriculum

All instruction at PVS is aligned to state standards.

Kindergarten through 2nd Grade – Engage NY Core Knowledge Foundation for Reading/English Language Arts and Engage NY for Math

3rd Grade – 8th Grade – Engage NY for English Language Arts

3rd Grade – 8th Grade – Eureka Math for Mathematics

Grades K-8 utilize a multitude of curricula for Science and Social Studies from Harcourt, Houghton Mifflin, Glencoe, A+ Anywhere, Scott Foresman (Pearson), and Triumph Learning.

Grades K-8 also have access to music, technology, and physical education programs daily.