Microsoft Store Donates 30 Surface Laptop Go Devices and a Charging Cart to Prescott Valley Charter School

The Computers will be Used by Sixth Graders on STEM-Related Projects and Lessons

(PRESCOTT VALLEY, Arizona)—The sixth-grade students at Prescott Valley Charter School will soon be doing their STEM-related lessons and projects on brand new computers, thanks to a recent generous donation from Microsoft Store.

As Lina Lett, one of the school’s lead STEM teachers noted, Microsoft Store donated 30 Surface Laptop Go devices in early February to Prescott Valley Charter School, along with a charging cart.

The computer donations were made as a part of a Digital Literacy All Star Program on behalf of Microsoft Store, Larry Fitzgerald Foundation and Garth Brooks Teammates for Kids.

“Microsoft Store has been an incredible partner to our STEM program. They have helped us with different trainings, resources, and field trips for our students,” Lett said, adding that the partnership began when she connected with Microsoft Store to inquire about some free workshops they had scheduled for the public.

“The team was so open to working with us and genuinely wanted to share what they had to offer with us.”

For example, Lett said, the Microsoft Store team once created a whole program for the school’s students to experience.

“The entire team treated our students like the most important people in the world. The students who were able to experience the trip still talk about it today and have shared it with their younger friends and siblings.”

In addition to learning how to use Microsoft Surface devices, Lett said the school’s sixth graders will use them to participate in the Energy and the Environment class with Project Lead the Way.

“Microsoft also has free ready-made STEM lessons plans that use Office products prepared for the lessons. We do a lot of activities with NASA, and Microsoft Learn also has learning modules that are partnered with NASA,” Lett said, adding that she and other teachers will incorporate these resources in interdisciplinary projects that will tie in all academic areas.

When the sixth graders learned they would be receiving 30 new Surface devices, Lett said they were extremely excited.

The school year has not exactly been typical and there have been some ups and downs, Lett noted, so learning that a company made the students a priority really helped to increase their morale.

“This gift that Microsoft Store has given to our students could not come at a better time. It has been a true light in our students’ lives,” she said.

Lett said everyone at Prescott Valley Charter School is very appreciative of the generous donation from Microsoft Store.

“There are no words to express the gratitude we feel toward Microsoft Store. They have been so supportive of our school, always ready to help in whatever capacity they can,” she said.

“They treat our students like the world is theirs. This is the kind of support all students should have from their communities. We are very proud to be able to work with Microsoft Store and share experiences with our students.”