APS Phoenix Suns STEM Teacher Grant is Awarded to Prescott Valley Charter School

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                   December 17, 2020

APS Phoenix Suns STEM Teacher Grant is Awarded to Prescott Valley Charter School

The School Will Receive $2,500 in Grant Money, Which Will Be Used to Fund the Pilot Middle School STEM Program “Energy and the Environment Course” 

(PRESCOTT VALLEY, Arizona)—Middle school students at Prescott Valley Charter School (PVCS) will soon learn even more about the environment, sustainability and other key STEM-related subjects, thanks to the school being awarded an APS Phoenix Suns STEM Teacher Grant.

As Lina Lett and Danielle Marson, the school’s lead STEM teachers noted, Prescott Valley Charter School was awarded $2,500, which will be used to pay for a Pilot Middle School STEM Program “Energy & the Environment” course.

“With the grant money, we will be able to introduce students to concepts that relate to sustainability and the environment,” Lett said, adding that students will also explore sustainable solutions to energy needs and investigate the impact of energy on everyone’s lives and the environment.

“Through the Engineering Design Process, students will work together to create an alternative energy source.”

The middle school students who are part of PVCS’s Innovative Academy of Excellence will benefit from the grant money. As Marson noted, the students have already been learning leadership and communication skills through their STEM projects—even during this year’s unusual learning environment.

“They share their knowledge with elementary students, working in partnerships with different classes. This year, due to COVID and being limited in gathering, our students are learning how to communicate in a virtual environment. Our students are learning how to adapt to our ever-changing world,” Marson said.

All K-12 public and charter school teachers who lead innovative and hands-on activities that introduce STEM concepts to the classroom were eligible to apply for the grant.

As Lett noted, she and Marson are excited and grateful that PVCS was selected as a grant recipient, and they are looking forward to bringing this new learning opportunity to the students.

“This is a great example for our students of how a community comes together to help each other learn and grow. We hope to instill in our students a sense of gratitude and a desire to give back to their communities and support those around them as they are able to,” Lett said, adding that she and Marson plan on re-applying for the annual grant.

“We apply for all opportunities we are given, so that we can continue to share the world with our students. They love learning more about their communities through STEM, and we strive to offer them every opportunity possible,” Lett said.