UPDATE for 5th-8th Grade

Dear PVS Families,

Today’s update is for our families with students in 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th grade ONLY.

FACE Covering UPDATE: Despite our numerous attempts, and due to the small physical size of some of our classrooms not all students/classrooms will be able to physically distance from each other while in the classroom. This will require some classrooms to wear face coverings when they cannot physically distance from each other in the classroom.

FIRST – Please visit our website at pvschool.com under the COVID 19 Info page and watch the parent and student training videos related to the CDC requirements in a school setting.

SECOND — Please be sure to visit our website at pvschool.com under the COVID 19 Info page to review and sign the “COVID-19 Parental Acknowledgment and Disclosure” Form, check all the boxes, fill out the bottom and submit before your child’s first day of school.

*It is very important that the videos and acknowledgement form are signed before arriving on Wednesday or your child’s first day of on campus learning WILL be delayed.

If your family is NOT ready to attend on campus but selected the “on campus as soon as possible” enrollment preference, please resubmit your enrollment preference by noon on Monday, August 31 so we can plan accordingly for student seating.

If your family opted for “online until December or May” and would like to switch to “on campus as soon as possible” you may also update your preference at this time but these transitions will not happen until after Labor Day. The original preference you submitted before August 3rd will be used to determine when your child will begin school on campus. If you have questions related to your preference, please email us at info@pvschool.com

The first day of school will be minimum day; Wednesday will be a late arrival with the school day ending at 2:50pm. Please see more details below.

Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Drop off times on Wednesday for grades 5-8 will be as follows, based on your child’s grade.  If you have children in more than one class or in grades EK-4, please plan to arrive at the earliest time slot applicable to your family from the list below. All students in EK-4 will be excused if they arrive later on Wednesday with their siblings to allow for one drop off for all EK-8 students at one time.  All students will be offered a school lunch ($3.25) if they choose to eat at school on Monday. Dismissal will begin at 2:50pm and all students should be picked up no later than 3:15pm.

5th Grade            10:45-11:00am

6th Grade            10:30-10:45am

7th Grade             10:15-10:30am

8th Grade             10:00-10:15

Thursday, September 3, 2020 and beyond

All 5th-8th graders should plan to arrive to campus between 7:45-8:20am. An optional grab and go breakfast ($2.50) will be available to all students daily as they enter the building, and lunch ($3.25) will be served in the classroom. Thursday and Friday of next week will be FULL school days for all students. All students will dismiss at 2:50pm with pick up no later than 3:15pm. We will not be observing early release days on September 3-4 (as shown on our current calendar), and parent/teacher conferences will be rescheduled to a later date.

Before and After Care will NOT begin serving students until after Labor Day in an attempt to safely integrate all students back on campus as the first priority. Sign up information will be posted on our website in the coming week.

Additionally, as the PVS Governing Board approved on August 7, 2020, transportation has been suspended until further notice due to the risk associated with not being able to physically distance on buses due to high ridership.

We realize that without transportation and before/after care this can be difficult to navigate for many of our families. We truly appreciate your patience at this time, so we can just get through these first few days. As you all know this has not been an easy start to a school year and we want to remain focused on our greatest priority, to make sure our students and staff are safe! If you need to have your student stay online until before/after care reopens or until transportation resumes we understand completely and will work with each family to the best of our ability. We anticipate that by the week after Labor Day, everything should be running smoothly, and we ask for your patience with all these changes just a little bit longer. J

If you have not submitted an application for the new school year for school meals, please visit our website at pvschool.com under the school meals tab. The application process is now electronic and can be submitted on any smart phone, or device. To add funds to your child’s meal account over the phone please call 928-499-9028.

Any questions please email info@pvschool.com or call the office at 928-772-8744.

Thank you and see you soon!