#RedForEd Update

Dear PVS Families,

Instead of facing a potential “walk out” on Thursday, April 26, which could negatively impact our families and add additional days to the end of the school year, PVS will observe a 2-hour delay schedule. The 2-hour delay will operate just like a late start snow day where all schedules run 2 hours later than regularly scheduled.

If families need before school care, PVS has arranged for volunteers to arrive on campus as early as 7:15 am for parent drop off on Thursday. If the late start schedule creates work conflicts please feel free to drop off at the school no earlier than 7:15. Drop off will be in the gym and a G-rated movie will be shown until 9:15am when regular schedules resume. Otherwise, transportation will run 2-hours behind. For example, if your pick up is regularly 7:15am your student’s new pick up time will be 9:15am. Thursday’s school start time will 9:50am. 

While we wish to support our teachers in this endeavor we are also very aware of the hardship school closure places on our families. In an effort to meet in the middle we feel this solution meets the needs of all involved. As always if you have any questions please feel free to call the office. 

Thank you,

PVS Administration