ASVAB Testing

Dear High School Families,


On Wednesday, April 26th, an outside test administrator will be at PVS to administer the ASVAB career assessment to our high school students.  This test will assess your child’s strengths in general education, as well as technical and mechanical aptitudes.  The ASVAB is not only used by the military for their entrance testing, but is also a great indicator in determining a student’s interests and goals for post-graduation planning. PVS plans to use this assessment to help our students gain a better understanding of their career interests and goals, as they move forward and enter life after high school.


Testing will begin at 8:30am on April 26th and results will be made available within two weeks of testing. All students will be given information on their results and a website where they can further explore areas they are interested in.


In your service,

Mrs. Phares

Dean of Students